Directors Lounge is special by all means, it has the great atmosphere of cinematic passion and brave underground film directors who have the guts to run simultaneously with the Berlinale. Oh mostly due to the great sense of humor. Check their homepage and watch the film called How to make a David Lynch film and you will understand what kind of directors we are talking about here.

How To Make A David Lynch Film was a true darling of the audience during The 8th Berlin International Directors Lounge.

Thus making it the perfect choice for the DL part of the short film mix at the
You Say Festival-We Say Party II, Thursday, 12. April, Naherholung Sternchen
If you join the fun, wait for the big screen, otherwise enjoy a young person´s guide on How To Make A David Lynch Film. The directors, Joe McClean and Sarju Patel, appreciate your opinion on twitter at RedandTan.

A “Lynchian” man and woman find a 1950’s style educational video that teaches them How To Make A David Lynch Film. While going through Lynch’s canon, they learn how to achieve long pauses for no reason, crazy music and sounds, stories with no plot, and how to confuse the shit out of their audience! HOW TO MAKE A DAVID LYNCH FILM is a parody that will bring Lynch lovers and haters together in comical harmonium!

This short was the runner up for 2 huge awards at Dances With Films 2011! The Grand Jury Prize and the brand new Industry Choice Award!