Directors Lounge Screening

Bruno Gularte Barreto
5 Houses

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Blender & Co
Boddinstrasse 32
12053 Berlin
U8 Boddinstrasse

The Brazlian director and photographer Bruno Gularte Barreto comes to Berlin to present his new film project “5 Houses”. The idea of “5 Houses” revolves around trying to recreate childhood memories’ images, but it is also a journey through the lives of the people in a small town in the extreme south of Brasil.

5 HOUSES is a feature documentary project portraying the houses and lives of 5 different characters. They talk about life and death, memory, education, prejudice, violence and share their experiences and beliefs. Though they are very diverse people, they share a connection in their relationship with the director`s childhood memories. Each person and house to be portrayed was part of his upbringing throughout his childhood and formative years.

Besides being part of the same array of memories, these characters share another characteristic: the fact they are all, in their own way, “outsiders” in the somewhat narrow-minded place where they live.

During the film, a portrait is revealed, an image of the city itself and the way some people, even-though humble, can help change other people’s lives for the better. In the last house we have a fifth character, who is actually present in the other four segments in the figure of the director – an invisible observer who frames and chooses where, what and who to look at.

Original title: 5 Casas, English title: 5 Houses.
Director: Bruno Gularte Barreto
Producer: Jessica Luz
50 mins work-in-progress
English subtitles Brazil, 2016

Artist Link:  password: 55555

Directors Lounge
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Q&A with the filmaker and curator | photo: Kenton Turk/DL

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