Sun 17 | 7:30 pm

Marco Miranda PT Prescrição (Prescription) 14:00 2012 (EP)

John Hawk US Menopause in Guppies 08:10 2012 (WP)

Hervé Demers CA Les Adieux De La Grise (A Shade of Grey) 14:00 2013 (GP)

A peaceful life on a family farm. A cold, clear winter day. Nine-year-old Noémy is about to leave the carefree world of childhood behind.


Bentley Brown TD/US Faisal Goes West 29:00 2012 (EP)

Recently arrived from Sudan, Faisal takes up work at a chicken farm in Texas.

Faisal puts his family—newly arrived in America—in a tough spot when he loses the family car. In a crunch for money, Tahir, a lawyer in Sudan, takes up work at a local auto shop. Faisal, facing the reality that he is not prepared for his dream of American university, promises to get work.
Sudanese-American, Kenya-raised Adil promises to find Faisal a job. After a journey by bus and train, the two arrive at a chicken farm. Life in the new home is not always bad—especially when Faisal meets the beautiful Samia, who is deeper along in her own dream of university education.Time is dwindling, and the family needs money fast. Only through trials and hardship can Faisal learn the tough lessons necessary to gain ground in his new home.


Abhilash Vijayan IN The Dual 12:22 2012

The Captain of the Military troop comes to the barbershop in the village for a shave after annihilating the rebels in a civil war. The Barber, a sympathizer of the rebels, is thrown into a dilemma whether to kill the Captain or do his job as barber.


TRT 71 min

Sun 17 | 9pm

Karl F. Stewart Animaux Découpage

Vladimír Turner CZ Osvícení / Enlightenment 2:27 2012

Nuno Escudeiro PT Pass by… 4:22 2011

Oskars Pavlovskis  Fantoms 01:00 2012

Matthew Lancit CA/FR 16 Reasons Why I Hate Myself 03:32

Masahiro Sugano KH Why I Write  07:33 2011

Irina Birger NL Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important 15:13

Karl F. Stewart DE/US Animaux Découpages 04:33 2012

Bryan Konefsky US Miss Yummy Yummy 04:00 2012 

Sandra AraújoPT Tape Loading Error  02:55  2012

Anti and Ando Naulainen EE Parrot Peeter Aurelius 01:32  2011

Juan Pablo Zaramella AR Luminaris 6:00 2011

Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fuelepp DE Tomaten 3:03 2003

among others….

TRT ca. 60 min

The official Farewell Film of  [DL9]

Liu    Zhenchen    CN / FR    L’ Adieu    18:36    2012 (EP)