Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing! by Fritz Stolberg

The film combined fantastic surrealistic imagery and intriguing symbolism, which evinced a unique aesthetic vision’. London Short Film Festival 2012


Based on Max Ernst’s work of the same title, “Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!” picks up on the psycho-sexual content of the painting and explodes its inherent occult knowledge into an intuitive journey to overcome duality. This alchemist quest via the unification of the five platonic solids and their duals culminates in the androgynous fusion of the masculine and feminine aspects of the main character.


“Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!” was screened as part of  DL 8 | The Berlin International Directors Lounge

Animate Projects Award for best experimental film, London Shortfilm Festival 2012


Fritz Stolberg GB  “Of This, Men Shall Know Nothing!”, 2010 Super 8 film, black and white, 6min12sec

Hades: David Medalla [Tetrahedron] The Initiate: Nissa Nishikawa
[Dodecahedron – feminine aspect] [Icosahedron – masculine aspect] Charon: Chaman Che [Octahedron] Hermes: Koto the dog [Hexahedron] Frau Holle: Franky Farra Frond

Stunts: Alexandra Groover and Maria Garcia

Music composed and arranged by Ebe Oke

Leo Abrahams
David Barbene
Clive Bell
Ebe Oke

Sound Mix
Michael Schaub
Mike Lindsay
Ebe Oke

Written, Directed and Photographed by Fritz Stolberg
Edited by Fritz Stolberg and Bert Hunger

Produced by Piece Of Cake Films
in collaboration with Aganovich

© piece of cake films 2010