FILM POEM TOUR by Telemach Wiesinger

Directors Lounge Matinee at Z-Bar

Sunday, 19 May 2024, 17:00

trailer 1:1

Telemach Wiesinger, a long-term contributor to various Directors Lounge events, is coming from South Germany (Riegel, close to Freiburg) for a special film matinée at Z-Bar. Wiesinger works exclusively with analogue film, which he shoots, treats by means of an animation stand and edits by himself. Additionally, he has been collaborating with other artists on sound and visual concepts. His “Film Poems” dive deep into the beauty of 16mm black and white aesthetic, be it image tonality, contrast, grain, small analogue imperfections and, simplicity. While dwelling on his poetic subjects of bridges, water, trains and travel, he was capable of keeping or even exploring deeper the curious joy for the capabilities of film transforming the seen world into something different. This can be traced back to the joy of first early film experiments by the ingenious Lumière Brothers and Georges Méliès 1876. And more exceptionally, this joy transmits to the viewer even with more sophisticated means of the filmmaker Wiesinger such as double exposure or projection, or compositing on the animation stand. Captured or set scenes create small narratives that are been woven together like the lines of a poem.

FILM POEM TOUR by Telemach Wiesinger

2020 / 16mm / b&w / silent / single screen / 9 min 45
A lake during late afternoon hour, a small pier … But for whom the chessboard pattern of a flag is waving? And to whom, the moving signal arrows point the way? What is the meaning of the heavy old train cars being lifted?

Music: Alexander Grebtschenko
2022 / 16mm / b&w / silent / single screen / 15 minutes
Telemach Wiesinger’s photographic images of aeroplanes from the perspective of the traveller meet kinetic wing objects by the composer Alexander Grebtschenko.
In the congenial collaboration of the two artists, the electronically controllable “Chimera” – elegant bird wings with megaphone – unfold expressive “acting” presence.
The dialogue between the sound level (Grebtschenko) and the visual level (analogue film studio Wiesinger) opens up space for emotions, thoughts and interpretations.

2021 / sonic film poem / 30 minutes / black and white
A wooden stereo viewer, which already impressed people with “3D” in the pioneering days of light drawing, inspired the german artist Telemach Wiesinger to create the half-hour film poem 1:1. The wide-screen image, composed on 16 mm black-and-white film, consists of two individual images each, between which – amazingly different from a stereoscope – a third dimension unfolds. In dialogue with the soundtrack designed by the composer Alexander Grebtschenko, 1:1 becomes a unique audiovisual experience.
Woven from staged scenes and images collected on journeys, the film poem tells about being on the road with open eyes. The frame story shows a young couple in front of a country estate on the French Loire; while she plays table tennis, he sets off to go fishing … The pictures lure the viewer from a quiet angler’s paradise to busy harbor landscapes and a broad ocean horizon – perhaps a daydream of the young angler, populated by the surreal figures of his mind? 
The creative play with „stereoscopy“ unfolds an impressive visual effect. Parallel with slight time shifts, mirrored or complementary, the pairs of pictures enter into dialogue in many ways: overlapping parts that create their own unique forms, positives that meet their negatives, merging of content and diverging again. The element of water is almost physically perceptible, and its moving variety of forms guides the wanderlust. (Thomas Spiegelmann, 2020)

FILM POEM TOUR by Telemach Wiesinger, Directors Lounge Matinee at Z-Bar
Telemach Wiesinger

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Bergstraße 2, 10115 Berlin-Mitte
Sunday, 19 May 2024, 17:00