Uso Justo by Coleman Miller

“Coleman Miller is destined for admiration and great poverty.”
– Isabella Rossellini

“It put a bouquet of flowers on the concept of the experimental film.”
– Ed Ruscha

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… all that passed by Stuart Pound

A fragment taken from an well known Science Fiction film is prematurely
aged to a time when there was no film sound other than piano accompaniment.

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UDON by Usaginingen (Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF)

Krautrock pioneer Klaus Dinger sadly passed away in 2008, but we haven’t heard the last of the former Kraftwerk member/Neu! co-founder/La Düsseldorf leader. In his later years, Dinger worked on a collaborative project under his La Düsseldorf banner that spawned the album Japandorf. Continue reading “UDON by Usaginingen (Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF)”

Magia by Gérard Cairaschi

A young boy molds objects with clay that he then manipulates, combines and associates, in an obscure ritual. As the objects/representations he creates combine and develop a narrative, the fast alternation of images on the screen imbricate and shape images/apparitions that only the “lanterna magica” of cinema and the magic of editing allow. Magia means enchantment.

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