The Attic by Minos Nikolakakis at Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin , Fri 31. May 8:30pm

When Manos, a 50 year old man gets divorced from his wife, he moves in a new house in order to start all over again. Quite unexpectedly he discovers something spectacular. Ziggy, his childhood pop idol, is rehearsing in the most unusual of places. His attic.

Following the acclaimed German premiere at the 9th Berlin International Directors Lounge the wonderful film by Minos Nikolakakis will be screened again as part of Wild Horses #3, a dedicated night during the exhibition “Tribute to David Bowie"at Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin.

The Attic comes in combo with a (German) reading by Detlef Kuhlbrodt
Leben mit David Bowie: Wie sieht der denn aus?

What makes this exhibition so extraordinary is that it’s not striving on the bandwagon of the first Bowie record in ten years. It’s curated fondly and with passion (something that’s rare these days) and stands on its own right. – Iriedaily
The exhibition is small but vital, seemingly capturing the soul of the popstar at that moment in his career. – Berlinified

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin

Fasanenstraße 37  10719 Berlin