Tue 16th 7 pm

Nezaket Ekici DE Names And People In Georgia 44 min 22s 2009

“Invited by the Goethe Institut Tbilisse in Georgia, I created an art work about the people and their country. I decided to make a documentary, with the aim to learn a little bit about the people and the culture.

The documentary  “names and people of georgia” is about the inhabitants of Georgia. In interviews they explain their names and start telling stories about their lifes. By explaining the etymology and meaning of their names, different and colourful anecdotes develop. Sometimes names sound so abstract, particulary when you hear a name in another language and from another cultural background. By the explanation, one has a chance to understand.

The film combines the people and the landscape of Georgia. You’ll see different people with different ethnics, some people are originating from Azerbaijan and live in Georgia, some are tourists or temporary work in Georgia."  Nezaket Ekici

In attendance of Nezaket Ekici