Thurs 16 | 9pm

The 400 Blow Jobs

While banished to the Hollywood blacklist, Williams wrote and directed over 200 stag films over a period of fifteen years. Decades before Pulp Friction and Forrest Hump, Williams perfected the art of the porn parody with films such as A Streetwalker Named Desire and High Poon. Only a few of these films still exist today, often in nearly unwatchable condition. This wickedly funny take-off of Truffaut’ 400 Coups is one the few remaining artifacts from this period in Williams’ filmography.

Noel Lawrence, curator of the J. X. Williams Archive

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The 400 Blow Jobs
1960 | 8mm | 5:00

J.X. Williams “The 400 Blow Jobs” as well as the “Credit Sequence from Space Vixens” will be screened on Feb 16 as part of the DL Selection VII