[ The Secret ] by [ RED BIND – Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman ]

“Silence is the most powerful scream”

[THE SECRET] was screened in world premiere at DL8 | The Berlin International Directors Lounge.

[THE SECRET] is a “patchwork” video, made from images taken from a wandering, of childhood memories and of repetitive actions’ still shots.
This video is simply the filming of an experiment without any description, narration or readability at first.
A child, some trees, a reflection on the water, the voice of a woman and ritual gestures of an unknown person form a set of shots and sounds which create in every viewer a personal reading.
This video is built on dialogue; between the artist and the spectator, between the image and the one who looks at it, between the faceless or voiceless characters of the video, between the image and sound.
Multiply the reading tracks and allow the viewer to create the story which seems plausible to him, provides a multitude of potential works and a significant responsibility to each watcher, being unable just to be passive.

[ RED BIND – Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman ]

Barbara Friedman and Gilivanka Kedzior  FR  [ THE SECRET ]  3 min 18s 2011