Jos Diegel | Your Bounderies Will be Replaced

Directors Lounge Screening

Thursday, 25 April 2019 | 9 pm 21:00 | Z-Bar

The artist and filmmaker, who lives and works in Berlin, Leipzig, Offenbach and Frankfurt, positions himself in a singular way in contemporary cinema with his short film and video essays. This is surprising as he picks up a long tradition in German and European film: there was a time, when cinema, and art at large, was part of a political discourse in society. When an intellectual discourse about political theory was expanded inside and with cinema. In our time, of course, this is only possible with a good portion of irony. Bert Brecht’s epical theatre, and the films and art practice of Isodore Isou and Guy Debord are inspirations for Jos Diegel for films, installations and public interventions.

On the other hand, Diegel uses film, mostly 35mm and found footage in workshops, which become truly collaborate projects. It is a process of recombining and creating new meaning, which Diegel is not so much teaching but practicing in joint art projects. The films are being presented as collaborations in exhibitions and screenings together with the artists own work. They are all called “experimental film”.

In the screening Jos Diegel will present a number of his film essays, experimental collaborative projects and “films with actors”. It will be a highly inspiring evening on many levels, visually and thought provoking. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

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