Apócrifo (Apocryphal) by Ernesto Fundora

Bewildered, Carlos awakens from a nightmare stalked by Death. The dream has a foreboding message, which is not entirely clear to him. Carlos decides to challenge his destiny and face the consequences, but his evil doing ends up shaping his own fate and that of those around him.

Macabre by choice, Carlos attempts to tip the scales by changing the course of the plot designed by the gods. In this story,the unsettling city of Mexico is the backdrop that reveals psychological and human postures characteristic of a big city. It is a story where individuals who change their destiny with masks and opportunism manipulate morality, religion and reason for selfish personal gain.

Ernesto Fundora MX Apócrifo (Apocryphal) 17:00 2012

Apócrifo was screened in German premiere at  DL X | The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge.