Elsewhereness: Yokohama by Anders Weberg

The Elsewhereness series deals with questions of site specificity, juxtaposing the nomadic with the place-bound.

Elsewhereness is based on a number of site specific audio-visual works. The works are made solely from audio and videomaterial found on the web, material that emanate from a specific place. The audiovisual pieces are manipulated and composed into a surreal journey through an estranged landscape. The films are based on the culturally bound and stereotypical preconceptions of the artists.

The first part of the series was Elsewhereness:Yokohama, commissioned by the Dislocate 08 festival in Yokohama/Tokyo.

We screened Elsewhereness:Yokohama during DL6 | The Berlin International Directors Lounge.


Anders Weberg SW Elsewhereness:Yokohama 7min 00sec 2008