Directors Lounge Screening Theo Thiesmeier – A Simple Way and other Shorts

DL Screening - Theo Thiesmeier - A simple way and other shorts
Theo Thiesmeier – My Line 2000

Directors Lounge Screening
Theo Thiesmeier
A Simple Way and other Shorts

Thursday, 28 April 2022
Bergstraße 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

Berlin filmmaker and photographer Theo Thiesmeier presents his newest film accompanied with a program of shorts.

The base of the artist’s filmmaking has been the close perceptions through the camera recorded with analogue film. This being one of the strengths of the small gauge (Super-8 and 16 mm) films: observations of every day life become intensified by the tactile quality of analogue material and the experience of the present observer, the filmmaker. In his more recent films, he has plunged into editing sound and image digitally. His images have become poetic, telling and imaginative. Thiesmeier explores the associative bonds between edited clips, associations that unfold between the gap from one scene to the next by a straight cut.

One may say, that Thiesmeier thus experiments with a theory of film, which Peter Kubelka already proposed: “Film ist nicht Bewegung sondern entsteht aus der Differenz zwischen verschiedenen stehenden Bildern”. “The principle of film is not movement, but it emerges from the difference between one still photograph to the next still. (citation from my memory),” and further from the difference from one edited scene to the next.

In his new film “Ein Einfacher Weg” (one simple path), Thiesmeier creates a montage of very different images, which are similar in some of their structure. For the viewer, each carry some rudimentary narrative, or recollection. A web of associations unfold a fragile narrative, which may completely depend on the viewers own memories and experiences.

Theo Thiesmeier will present his work personally and join us for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr.

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