Greeting cards from reality at the PCFS – Post Colonial Flagship Store.

The “Post Colonial Flagship Store (PCFS)” exhibition project (concept: Sven Kalden and Georg Klein) showcases artworks camouflaged as consumer goods, and engages with a new, surreptitious form of colonialism.

The PCFS just opened at quartier 21, Vienna’s center for contemporary “applied art” in the MuseumsQuartier.

European and international artists reference the colonial background of their respective countries and its impact on contemporary life. Dependence, opportunities, hopes, and issues of identity are addressed, as are global investment strategies and the migration of labour.

We participate with a row of three screenings, Greeting cards from reality. 

Part I “Wanderers between the world” presented by Joachim Seinfeld, will be screened October 10th. 7:30pm, free admission.

Daniel Nicolae Djamo RO Progress Is A Beautiful Thing 04:46 2013

Fernando Jose Pereira PT News of Desolation 12:33 2013

Avi Dabach IL Excavation 3045/2013 06:00 2013

Hala Georges GB/SY From Rochester With Love 09:08 2013

Rob Brown GB Echoes 11min 38s 2009

Cristine Brache US Ad for Self-Immolation 03:23 2013

Victor Orozco Ramirez MX Reality 2.0 11:00 2012

Maximilian Westphal DE The New Killing Fields 13:00 2004-2009

Masahiro Sugano KH Why I Write  07:33 2011 Performance by Kosal Khiev

Irina Birger NL Irina Birger Thinks Drawing Is Important 15:13 2010

Schneider Robson S.B.B. Swiss Bolly Bahn 07:00

curated by André Werner and Joachim Seinfeld

quartier21 is a support structure that offers space and support to ca. 50 cultural initiatives within the MuseumsQuartier Wien. It is an integral part of the overall concept of the MuseumsQuartier.

The various groups represented here have transformed the quartier21 into Vienna’s center for contemporary “applied art.” The emphasis is on digital culture, media art, conceptual art, sound art and game culture, street art, design, photography, literature, and fashion.

Part II “The Kids” presented by André Werner, will be screened November 4th. 7:30pm, free admission.

Part III “Values” presented by André Werner, will be screened November 18th. 7:30pm, free admission.