A new necessity – Community & Territory

The Yeosu International Art Festival is a biennial event that will be held from September 4th to September 21st 2014 at various locations of the town Yeosu in Southkorea.

Art director Sun-jung Kim invited 30 artists from 15 different countries, among them Andre Werner who presents the 3-channel work Yeosu Mandalas and Erdal Inci, featured artist at DL X, for the 5th edition of the Yeosu art biennial.

Three silent video loops. necessity | community | territory.
Based on a closed-circuit installation of a camera interacting with a black and white tv-set. A small piece of overhead sheet with the word necessity, community or territory printed triggers the coressponding mandala.


Marking 2014, as the 5th successful consecutive year to hold Yeosu International Art Festival, Yeosu city hopes the hosting of this festival will show the ability to dissolve rapidly developing urbanism of Yeosu and changes of our world communities at large by empathizing with the more intimate and mature Art themes. Diverse Artists will introduce to the public their new creations and masterpiece, and the crowd will respond with various proposed methodologies to the various artists work and their creations.