DAY 11

Tonight we turn it up with the final farrago of film gems in DL Selection XVII, 19 arty snacks from around the world into yours. Among World Premieres are Canadian Víctor Ballesteros’ “VVOOLLVVOO” and Karl F. Stewart’s (who just arrived in town) “Video of Shadows – Title A B or C.” In town and on board are Javier Pernas, Euro-premiering his “Piel/Skin” (Argentina/Spain), Dimitris Argyriou (Greece) with his short film “One Line” and Dutchman Michael Fleming with “Avalanche.” Also expect Studio Twins (Caroline Fayette & Chloé Guerbois) of France, whose “The Island Where I Come From” is in the mix. Start: 7pm. Our Farewell Mix, up at 9pm, offers more morsels, and maybe a surprise or two thrown in. World Premieres include two of attending filmmakers: Fried Rosenstock (Der Schatten Meiner Selbst”) and Arthur Patching (GB), whose “Il Ritorno” leaves harbour as the final film. Then at 10:30pm, we get loose when the singular Steve Morell, founder of Pale Music and the “Berlin Insane” festival and sought-after remixer (Miss Yetti, Boy George and scores more) carts in his trove of pure and respun beats, setting the joint a-jump. Kings of Spreedelta will also swing it up, and DJ Jense will also have a go at the turntables. No end programmed – dance like there’s no (DLX) tomorrow. Freaks and friends welcome; surprise guests and past alumni may well drop by. Our adieu to this year’s festival feast, and segue into DL’s 2014 assault on other cities. Join us for a last blast!

Day 11 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

pictured:Alexis Barbosa “Mona”, Michael Fleming “Avalanche”, Steve Morell, Arthur Patching  “Il Ritorno”, Kings of Spreedelta