First dates tend to be awkward. You don’t know each other, but it’s fun to explore. You first meet for a coffee, and then you end up in her apartment. It’s all good, she’s got good refreshing alcohol, you’re liking each other and it’s gonna work out. Red lipstick, red mini skirt, curly hair – almost Almodovar and you’re ready for some passion. Yet the Spanish director, Manuel Arija, decides to prevent the obvious and get it a bit trashy. She is special, but so he is. They are a perfect match, like a plus and a minus on a battery, like a nut and a key. This surreal story of the two strangers won’t leave you thirsty.

Katja Avant-Hard

“Pequeños Electrodomésticos / Little Appliances” will be screened during the 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DLX], Feb 6 – 16, 2014 in DL Selection III:Sat 8 | 8pm | space A

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