Space A plays host to a double-header of DL Selections (I and II, 6:30 and 8:00), a flavour bag from four continents, more film treats than you can swallow without undeniable pleasure. Meanwhile, Space B goes “Concrete” with nonstop film premiere presentions and loops at 6:30pm. Russian man-about-the-continent (and occasional DL import) Alexei Dmitriev, here in the flesh, puts desires of the flesh back where they belong… off the laptop monitor and onto the big screen (8:30, Space B) in Alexxxei’s Program. Bring that unsupecting friend… this could be the ice-breaker you’ve been aching for. Then, as live as it gets… when people say “indescribable,” they probably mean to say Petra Flurr, the “queerpunk” who picked up two awards at BMVA 2013, and who will pick you up, too. Maybe literally. Petra does it (exactly what, you wonder?) at 10:00. Danceteria with a surprise DJ starts around 11:00pm. What a trip. All tonight at Directors Lounge.

Day 2 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

pictured: Edina Csüllög “Hearts in Vain”, Robert Arnold "Morphology of Desire 1998”, Petra Flurr