Directors Lounge boomerang contributor Kim Collmer carts a jungle of joys to the Naherholung Sternchen tonight. Kicking off at 6pm, her self-curated Wild at Heart: Animations about Animals and ‘Nature” includes dragons and a minotaur in the zoo.The filmmaker will be on hand to administer first aid in the form of illumination. At 8pm, DL Selection III tumbles love and home around like a badger in a spin-dryer, with a couple of World Premieres in the lot, and more than a couple of thought-provokers. Four shorts take over the screen at 9pm with DL Selection IV, including Max Sacker ’s eye-seducing take on Bunuel’s (and others’) film language, “Belle de Lyon,” with the director in personal attendance to hear your reactions to this sliced serving of b/w and colour pain and pleasure. Kate Maveau is also on hand to present her “Shimi”. At the shank of the evening, Herr Blum (neither man nor flower, but a son-and-father frontal attack on the senses) bring their visual/acoustic “music and action painting” performance assault to the boiling point. Their aim is “provocation and ecstasy,” and you can never get enough of either. After that, anything can happen… and probably will. Open end, the best end there is (!)… tonight at Directors Lounge.

Day 3 program

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb

pictured: Max Sacker “Belle De Lyon”, Steven Subotnick “Hairyman”, “Chaingang of Love” by Nicolas Maidana