The 10th Berlin International Directors Lounge [DLX]Opening Reception: 6 Feb, 8pm


Jump straight in… and do it twice, with the one-two, in-your-face combo of DL Mix I and II (8pm & 9pm). No corner of the globe unturned here. Seriously bizarre filmlets from far-flung shores and souls… delightfully arranged to play with your sensibilities before letting you shake that groove thang to match your rearranged grey cells. “Alien pop” diva Anna Aliena gets you on the way with her otherworldy mezzosoprano paired with electro chops and maybe a slice or two of Liedgut (10pm). Not enough, the rumbling raunchy rockers Kings of Spreedelta get beat into your bones at 10:30pm, leaving you charged enough to embrace with open arms the Dance Lounge and the turntable wizardry of Pale Music founder Steve Morell (11pm), whose mere glance is enough to stop you in your tracks… and who will can and will seduce you with the choicest tracks. Getting started tonight was one thing, ending could be difficult… doors open to God-knows-when. Dance, discuss and devolve all night at the Directors Lounge opening of openings!

DL Opening Mix I 8pm | Space A
with films by Hussen Ibraheem, Zaoli Zhong, Tokomburu, Engin Kilicatan, Gerhard Schuhmacher, Thiago B. Mendonca and Andreas Goldfuss

DL Opening Mix 9 pm | Space A
Víctor Ballesteros, Sam Bell, Michael Fleming, Naren Wilks, David Turpin and Franz Nurmi, Neil Needleman, Marc Adamson, Luca Zuberbuehler, Daniel van Westen and Oliver Smith

Opening program:

the complete program, 6 – 16 Feb:

pictured: Michael Fleming “Avalance”