Sun 9 | 6pm


opening reception: Digital Storytelling | arts and informatics

Digital storytelling presents selected works from the Directors Lounge open call and video installations from the FKI, the research center of arts and informatics.

A special presentation of books that trigger interaction through the flipping of pages is scheduled for Thursday, 13th, 6pm


works on display include:

Alan Smithee  Are You Afraid Of … loop 2012

Shaun Wilson AU 51 Paintings 1h 11:00 2013

Céline Trouillet
FR SONG N°22 4:40 2013

Marius Packbier DE AC Transit Bus Fight  29:43 2013

Selma Selman BA Do not look into Gypsy eyes 05:04 2013 WP

Faith Holland US Screen Flicker 01:40 2013 WP

Carlo Zanni IT The Sandman 07:58 2013 EP

Céline Masson CH Sommeil (Sleep) 01:37 2013 WP

Timo Kahlen DE Trust Me 02:52 2012

Fran Lejeune FR Escalators 7:20 2012 WP

Takahiro Suzuki  US Lae//Howland 04:55 2013 EP

Takeshi Moro US/JP Sunset Over North Korea: Yeonpyeong Island 5:40 2011 EP

Perry Bard US/CA Mothlight Distributed 03:30 2013 WP

pictured: Alan Smithee  Are You Afraid Of … 2012

 DL X program

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere