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Somewhere in Hong Kong, today. “A long journey, a reflection, a fragrance…” the sighs of someone plunged in nostalgia, of someone who observes life from the distance of having the end of the road before his eyes. Certain images and sounds blend bringing about the reminiscence of memories that seek to disentangle the meaning of a longed for life, and prolong as an example for posterity. The simplicity of the composition, like our destiny in this world, gives room to some small verses that overlap with revived feelings of a present that escapes, a present, the last one, which finally emerges with the clarity of what has passed, leaving, however, a slight shade of ambiguity.

Adrián Onco Orduna ES Vestigios (Vestiges) 0:52:00 2013 WP/IA

DL X program

pictured: Adrián Onco OrdunaVestigios (Vestiges) 2013.

TRT 52 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere
IA in attendance