Sat 15 | 6:30pm | space A





Seen through the prism of Bertolt Brecht, the film Pied Piper is a satirical folklore of a simple laundryman, Chunnilal, who is rumored to have acquired his beloved donkey’s brains in a freak accident. Charming millions with his asinine conscience that refuses to let go, Chunnilal soon rises to become the most popular hero of his time whom the establishments starts to fear. Laced with black humour, the film mirrors the current socio-political status in India ranging from extreme disappointment to almost juvenile hopefulness.

Vivek Budakoti IN Pied Piper 1:52:54 2013 GP

Alan Aranha and Bharat Mirle IN Banned 01:35 2013 (supporting film) EP

DL X program

pictured: Some stills from Pied Piper by Vivek Budakoti.

TRT 1h 54 min

WP World premiere
EP European premiere
GP German premiere