a programme of artists moving image curated by Kerry Baldry

This touring programme is the forth in the series, an eclectic range of moving image with formats such as 16mm film, Super 8, video, stopframe animation, superimposition, all constrained by a time limit of one minute.

One Minute Volume 4

Pretty Flamingo by Katharine Meynell

RS-A 4 by Jonathan Moss

Ginnungagap Muspelheim by Eva Rudlinger (silent)

One Minute in Pisa by Chris Meigh Andrews

Dinosaur by Martin Pickles

Cloud Mime by Gordon Dawson (silent)

No Visible Means of Support by Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson

100 Heads by Tony Hill

‘it’s art’ (my grand dad is a conceptual artist) by Laure Prouvost (silent)

Twenty Foot Square by Stuart Moore and Kayla Parker

Untitled by Kerry Baldry

The Man Who Came Back by Alex Pearl (silent)

Inanimatismus by Steven Ball

White Wall by Anahita Razmi

Holding The Viewer by Tony Hill

Snowflake by Kate Jessop

Tell me when you think one minute is up from by Bob Levene

Half Life by Erica Scourti (silent)

Little Skipper by Elizabeth Hobbs

Untitled by Stuart Pound

Greenwich Power Station by Liam Wells

X by Claire Morales

Zapruder Objective 1 by Michael Cousin

Film Poem 1 ‘Storm’ by Tina Keane

Turn of the Century by Virginia Hilyard

Dark Matter by Gordon Dawson (Silent)

Recess by Riccardo Iacono

Loves me/loves me not by Fil Ieropoulos

Time Travel by Sam Renseiw and Philip Sanderson

Antarctica Silence by Marty St. James (silent)

Scaped (1) by James Snazell

The lost and crumpled will by Stuart Pound

Night Piano by Richard Tuohy

Colour Bars by Simon Payne (silent)

Like using a … by Tansy Spinks

Piecing by Louisa Minkin (silent)

Twitter by Leister/Harris

1961 Revisted by Nicki Rolls (silent)

Patronizing ideas, Lessons and Afternoon Games: Bar Delay by Zhel Vukicevic

Live Painting – Red Hill by Nick Herbert

Stargazers by Alex Pearl

Code by Stuart Pound

One Minute biennale di venezia 2009 by Daniela Butsch (silent)

Blossom by Michael Szpakowski

Restraint by David Kefford

Passing Shots by Cate Elwes

Fri June 4th, Meinblau, Pfefferberg

doors open at 8pm, screening starts at 9pm

please be on time

still from Turn of the Century by Virginia Hilyard