UDON by Usaginingen from the album “JAPANDORF” by Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF

UDON by Usaginingen from the album “JAPANDORF” by Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF

How Beautiful Japanese Morning Is by Yuichi Suita

黒いロングスカートの女 (Black Long-Skirt) by Hoji Tsuchiya

“CODEX DOLOR, 563 Aspects of Suffering, Episodes 34, 371 & 92 Presented in Part” by Stephen Dirkes

A Forest Within A Forest by Stefan Larsson

Bonobo No Souzo by Akinori Okada

Short Cuts To Japan – Black Box Kino im Filmmuseum, Saturday
May 25

日本デー!! Directors Lounge once again brings the Far East west, taking a diverse stack of short experimental films from its international trove in Berlin and making its way over to Düsseldorf’s annual German-Japanese festival known as Japan Day. Every manner of Japan will fill the screen at the Black Box Kino in the Filmmuseum in a presentation that continues DL’s vital and well-attended annual contribution to the event. Honourable Japanophile is most humbly invited to witness films from, about and inspired by Land of the Rising Sun. Irasshaimase, いらっしゃいませ!!

with short films by

Maeda Shinjiro, Yuichi Suita, Uemine Satoshi, Arikawa Shigeo, Hoji Tsuchiya, Akinori Okada, Taro Yasuno, Matron, Stephen Dirkes, Stefan Larsson, Usaginingen, Jeremy Rubier and Kimura Noriyuki

Kimura Noriyuki  Our Place 2011 5 min

Jeremy Rubier 岐路 ((CrossRoads) 2009 20 min

Shinjiro Maeda  ITO-kun 2011 5 min

Yuichi Suita How Beautiful Japanese Morning Is 2012 15 min

Uemine Satoshi Monju  2011 5 min

Arikawa Shigeo G・I 2011 5 min

Hoji Tsuchiya  黒いロングスカートの女 (Black long skirt) 2010 8 min 57s

Akinori Okada bonobo no souzo 2012 3 min 13s

Taro Yasuno  A Very Merry Unbirthday to you! 2011 5 min

Matron MONUMENT 3  2011 5 min

Stephen Dirkes Codex Dolor 2012 2 min

Stefan Larsson  A Forest Within A Forest 2010 05 min10s

Usaginingen UDON from the album “JAPANDORF” by Klaus Dinger + JAPANDORF* 2013 5min 42s

in attendance of Miki Yui*
curated and presented by Julia Murakami and André Werner

Black Box Kino im Filmmuseum
Schulstr. 4, 40213 Duesseldorf | map
May 25, 2013, 8 pm

Special thanks to:

VJ Chuu, Miki Yui, Kim Collmer, Alexei Dmitriev, Youki Hirakawa, Kenton Turk, Karl Neubert, Team Black Box / Filmmuseum and many others! 

DL is chaos in progress, everything is subject to change.