Fri 08 | 6 pm, exhibition


Special guest: Photographer and Prague DJ Ida Taušlová will play a mix of new music that has been strongly influenced by the ‘80s, linking the period of ‘80s to the present time of 2013.

Prague DJ Ida T (Ida Taušlová) is a member of the DJ duo “Pandas in Waterfall”. She founded this duo along with her good friend Zuzana, who share a similar interest in music. Their original intention was to bring a different musical experience to their home town. This was then followed by organising regular events. Ida and Zuzka both have their own original style, which works quite well together in their music DJ events. Zuzka mainly focuses on electro pop and Ida is generally influenced by the era of 80’s and the early 90s and raw aggressive synths. Ida’s obsession with these decades are not only reflected in the music that she plays, but this also happen to be a major influence on her sense of fashion and style. This can be seen in the fashion photos that she takes and does the styling for. Working mostly with analogue photography, she explores and captures her unique vision of fashion, street photography and portraits. Ida links together music, fashion and photography from the ’80s and early ’90s and connects it all together to what is happening now in our present time 2013.

Fri 08 | 11:30


Steve Morell © Stephane Herve

Steve Morell remixer, DJ, producer, musician, founder of the record label “Pale Music Int.” and the German underground festival “Berlin Insane”. As the founding member of the DJ & remix duo “The Scandals’ he worked on Remixes & Collaborations for artists like: Miss Yetti, Bruder & Kronsädta feat. Nina Hagen, Eric D. Clark, Ascii Disko, Punx Soundcheck feat. Marc Almond, Pink Grease, Neonman, Beroshima, Lola Angst, Atomizer, Junesex, The Nihilists, Boy George, Trafalgar,
Schwefelgelb, DJ Donna Summer und DJ Wool. ‘The Scandals’ have released two 12” Singles: “My Life Nightlife” and “Summer Cruising EP” feat. Eric D. Clark, as well as analbum of their remixes: “Cutouts, Patchworks & Rippoffs”, which includes a track featuring Peaches. Since 2007 The Scandals have gone their own separate ways.
As an international DJ Steve Morell plays at Clubs and festivals all over the world and has produced remixes for: IAMX (UK), Mona Mur & En Esch, Gods of Blitz, The Vanishing, Martha & The Muffins, Shed, The Antiquark, The Stylists, Narcotic Fields,The Prostitutes & Warren Suicide, and is currently working on remixes for Nikaya (DE),
Hanin Elias (DE), and Sister Chain & Brother John (ISR/IRL)
Morell is currently focusing on the work for his new Solo Album “The Life and Death of Jimmy Pheres and his Rise from the Underworld”. In 2010 the 12” single “Loneliness” was released, which included a remix by Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten). The second single, “Lady Pheres” came out as a duet with Monica Pokorna May 2012. The full Album is going to be released in Spring 2013 and includes a huge spectrum of guest musicians like N.U.Unruh (Einstürzende Neubauten), Amy Heaton (Ornis), Mike Strauss (Les Hommes Sauvages), Andi Sex Gang, Valerie Renay & Sebastian Lee Philipp (Noblesse Oblige), Hank J. Manchini (Kill the Dandies!), Martin Craft (Jarvis Cocker Band), Nackt (Warren Suicide), Kevin Mooney (Adam & The Ants), Carolin Werren, EF
Kriete (Goldfish) etc.. The album is produced by Ragnar and Morell himself.

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