Sun 10 | 6pm



presents works by Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp

In 1990 Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg Fülepp together founded the label Media in Motion. From that time on, they worked together on various media art projects as artists and curators. One of their main tasks was to connect international artists to one another and to show their works internationally, with particular focus on Germany and Croatia. After Heiko Daxl passed away in 2012, Ingeborg Fülepp continued their work independently.

The program will show videos made by Heiko Daxl before they met as well as productions they subsequently brought into being as an artistic couple.

The aim of this presentation is to show the multiple talents of Heiko Daxl, his understanding of the media as well as his prowess and creative potentials through the execution of numerous works of art, written texts on art and its attendant philosophy.

In leaving our world, Heiko is on the way to discover another, as yet unknown universe. At least, having known him, one might hope this to be true. Throughout his artistic works, he was always searching for something beyond our realities.

Experience is nothing else than change of memory… By manipulation of images and montage in relation to the musical composition, there are points for thoughtful excursions, roundabouts, dreams, curves, imaginations and lost memories. But the continuance of transitoriness keeps its familiar riddle.” Heiko Daxl

The numerous works they have created bear witness to their joy in experimenting, always moving on the borderline to the unknown. Employing new technologies, they investigate various, so far unknown optical and acoustic phenomena. The observer’s senses, his hearing, his sight and his sense of touch, are always consciously engaged, unsettling his perception. Daxl and Fülepp demonstrate new ways in the artistic exploration of the technical possibilities of creating sounds and abstract images which force the observer to an integrated reception. They seek to make the recipient think about the reality which is imparted to him in an artificial and technical manner. Dr. Barbara Barsch, Director, ifa-Galerie Berlin, Institute for International Relations, May 2005

Media in Motion

presented as part of Kroatien Kreativ

TRT 60 min