Mon 11 | 7 pm


pictured: Laura Kraning, Devil’s Gate

curated and presented by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Sandra Becker01 DE gentrification 1:00min 2012

Alexander Isaenko UA Wash by fire 1:10min 2011

Laura Kraning US Devil’s Gate 19:49min 2011

Claudia Larcher AT Empty Rooms 10:45min 2011

Kristin Lucas US The Sole Ripper 3:39min 2012

Benna M.G. IT topic #5 6:20min 2009

Michael Poetschko AT/US Notebooks on Dislocation 19:44min 2010

Vanessa Renwick US Portrait #3: House of Sound 11 min 2009

Karl F. Stewart US/DE san francisco . the unearthly beauty of simulated nature in contemporary architecture 5:44min 2012

Gong Wenbo CN Le bleu 3:45min 2012

Full Urban Research 2013 program details with images and text:


pictured: Michael Poetschko, Notebooks on Dislocation