urban research
program I:
Urban Observations and Local Studies

Monday, 13 February 20:00


Alejandro Bernal, Caroline Koebel, Yptu Enth, Wenhua Shi, Deron Williams, Leslie Supnet, Joel Wanek, Chris Kennedy, Sarah Christman

This beautiful program comprises films, which meditate on city impressions in rather leisurely pace. Urban observations are always subjective, especially if done with a camera. Also, undertaking observations is only possible when making a distinction. The observer, the camera is always part of the situation. Never is it possible to look from outside (the Hollywood ideal of realism, the “God eye’s view” is only possible in fiction). Thus, the distinctions we make are never clear cuts, the opposites spill back in, and the dichotomies unite as the complementary parts of the same idea.

Following the program of Deborah Phillips, this program shows films originating both on digital video and 16mm film, including the film projection of Chris Kennedy CA
Simultaneous Contrast and Sarah Christman US Broad Channel

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

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