Filmed entirely within the urban constructed environment that makes up the contemporary North American city of Chicago, Slow Space is a visually arresting investigation into how space is described, defined and ultimately experienced. (Ben Anderson)

Street scenes and interviews complement this essay on public and private spaces. Slow Space is a film and art project by Klaus W. Eisenlohr. With his project in Chicago, the artist has investigated the relationship between the body and the urban architectural environment over the time period of three years. Searching the anomalies of the normal, the filmmaker traces a ‘Desire for Modernity’ in the city’s architecture being shaped by pre- and postmodern forces. In addition, the film discusses the topic of public space in American cities through interviews with the Chicago artists and filmmakers Deborah Stratman, Chris Harris, Gretchen Till, Ken Fandell, Thomas Comerford and Eduardo Pradilla.

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| We. 24 Oct. 2007 at 21:30, filmmaker Klaus W. Eisenlohr will be present | Cinema Kommunales Kino|