Fri 17 | 6pm

pictured: Strange Land Vol I – The Miner by John Douglas

Gerard    Cairaschi    FR    SILENCES    11 min 30s    2012

PLACENESS curated by Shaun Wilson

Australian video artists respond to the notion of place and explore through the physical and mnemonic how locations impact on the ways in which art and land coexist within the image.

Seth Keen    AU   Purrumbete Verandah   3 min 40s    2011

Tammy Honey   AU   iLandscape #14    4 min 54s    2012

Brie Trenery  AU    untitled  2 min 32s

Marsha Berry  AU    Silvers of Necessity   1 min 49s    2011

Marie Sierra  AU    Knismesis    1 min 50s    2011

Dan Torre  AU   Country Road  0 min 20s    2005/12

John Douglas  AU  Strange Land Vol I – The Miner   8 min 47s  2010

Shaun Wilson  AU Uber Memoria XXI  1 min 02s   2012

John Douglas   AU    Strange Land Vol I – Starella   8 min 06s    2010

Kieth Deverell  AU    The Hawker’s Song   3 min 21s    2011

total ca. 50 min