Thurs 16 | 11pm

Moving Silence
new platform for contemporary silent movies

The Berlin based platform Moving Silence brings back the poetry of silent movies, connecting the early days cinema-form with the present aesthetics of image and live music production. In this frame, musicians join directors to create a live event focused on various works of all kind and genre.

“silent cinema : cinema = radio : television”

The whole program investigates the synthesis and disconnection between nowadays silent moving images and live sonic performance.

Moving Silence is an open network that invites directors and musicians to give new energies and criticisms, encouraging a new discussion about silent movie culture.

Silence is not silent.

platform for contemporary silent movies
live at Directors Lounge Festival

pictured: Usaginingen (JP)

Johannes Marx (DE) guitar & voice

film (live): “Rabbit & Horse” by Usaginingen (JAPAN) (12’)

Toni Kater (DE) voice, children piano, harmonic organ, laptop

film: “Chaos” by Stephan Kämpf (5’ 54")
“Pause” by Matthias Fritsch (1’ 31")

Oliver Schmid (CH) piano

film: “Will Kochen” by Dietrich Limpert (3’ 18")

Marzipan Marzipan (IT) voice, sound-box, effects

film: “Buscam No 2" by Matthias Fritsch (3’ 17”)
“Wak Yak" by Erik Janson  (1’ 54”)
“The last day of the republic” by Reynold Reynolds (8’ 00")


Telstar (AU) bass, guitar, drums and keyboards 

film: “Batterie” by Kling, Jonas (8’ 44")

Alfred Hackepeter (DE) Laptop + Midi Controller

film “Urban Legends 2” by Wojtek Skowron (2’ 23")

Oliver Schmid (CH)   DJ set

film: “Landschaft 4” by Matthias Fritsch (30’ 00")