One Not To Miss: Neoangin/Chazam Saturday, 17th, Naherholung Sternchen

Finally, Jim Avignon aka Neoangin is back in Berlin and is giving one of his great shows at our new venue for 2012, the one and only Naherholung Sternchen. David Chazam will be supporting him.

Jim Avignon (born 24 December. 1966 in Munich) is a contemporary German pop artist and representatives of the art modeste, designer and musician. A respected cult figure in the art and Techno subculture in Berlin, he currently lives and works both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and in Berlin.

David Chazam is a french omnidirectional composer born in 68, based in Brussel, who works in different musical and show paradigms like: contemporary dance, boring theater, interesting movies, radio drama creation, improvised music and uncomplexed electropoppy punk music in wild clubs.

And after these 2 great shows enjoy the smooth minimal-sound of Cetin Sahin (Berliner Hoervergnuegen).

show starts at 11pm