No man like this man. Ever. Never again. Bye bye, we love you.

Somehow, you pulled words out of the sky in a way we cannot imitate to express who you are and offer our thanks. There was a world before you, but it was not nearly as colourful. There were men and women before you, but fewer glorious creatures in between. There was music before you, but not as electrifying. There was lyricism before you, but not as otherworldly. You gave us thoughts to awaken our own. You gave us worlds to wander in, places to go that were not on any map. We did not need a window. You were our glass. How can we say enough to thank you? We cannot. But we will keep you with us. Where will you float to now?  KT/DL

(David Bowie, 1947-2016)

image Elmar J. Lordemann