DL à la carte | the happening in your pocket.

Here is a taste of the future. On the DL menu for the first time at Berliner Liste contemporary art fair 2015: a new kind of screening, directly on your tablet or smart phone, a sneak into our archives at your fingertip.
Make no mistake, we are not talking about an online presentation. We are sticking to our tradition of connecting art and audience in a vivid get-together at selected locations.
But this time it is a collective yet when-you-want-it experience. You bring the screens, we serve the films.

Our teammates here are also true innovators:

shoutrlabs, a young Berlin-based company at the forefront of media app development. Their “shoutr.Boxx” allows large-volume multi-media products to appear with ease on the screens that are presently in all hands… smartphones, tablets, laptops. No Internet connection needed.

Going Underground, the short film festival that accompanies you in rushing trains under the streets of high-speed world cities. Like Directors Lounge, a front-edge viewing event outside the standard black box cinema environment.

Further we’d like to thank netzwerkvirus and last but not least SWOOFLE for supplying some cool “Flat Cubes” for our lounge lizards.

Experience today what others will be tapping into tomorrow. Our (de)vice is going beyond and off the path. Non-definition continues to be our definition.

In the DL buzz tradition of “You had to be there,” you have to be there.

See you at the

Berliner Liste contemporary art fair


Berliner Liste 2015, fair for contemporary art, 17 – 20 Sep, 2015
Kraftwerk Berlin | Köpenicker Straße 70, 10179 Berlin
Opening: 16.9.2015, 6 pm | Directors Lounge: A 1.65

pictured: André Werner, Portrait einer Dame aus gutem Haus (portrait of a lady from a good family) | Kraftwerk Berlin, Berliner Liste