Recently, we were invited to compile a series of film screenings for PCFS | The Post Colonial Flagship Store. Joachim Seinfeld and André Werner curated three screenings, Greeting cards from reality.  Short and experimental filmlets from all parts of the world shed light on the ongoing impact of the colonial background on contemporary life. 

Reason enough to take a closer look the Post Colonial Flagship Store that opened its doors for two months at the Freiraum quartier 21 international at the Museums Quartier Vienna.

The PCFS exhibition project camouflages itself as a branded Popup shop, cleverly playing with the iconography of noble flagship stores as found in the centre of metropolises. The artworks are presented as consumer goods, dealing with a new, clandestine form of colonialism.

The curators Sven Kalden and Georg Klein made the PCFS a post-colonial rollercoaster ride of clever loops and surprising twists.

The whole Post Colonial Flagship Store is a sublimal, hidden persuasion to rethink the mechanisms behind our culture of consumption. The PCFS Vienna closed its doors at the end of November; new Pop-up stores in Berlin and Paris are in the pipeline.

Next time you are on a shopping spree, look out for a PCFS | The Post Colonial Flagship Store near you.

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The full program of Greeting Cards from Reality at Directors Lounge.

pictured: Bernhard Draz
Echte österreichische Führerkugeln | Genuine Austrian Führer Balls (2014)