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Sally Golding

SMit ihrer 16mm-Dreichfachprojektion und Filmperformance verbindet Sally Golding photochemische Experimente mit Anleihen aus dem Horrorfilm Genre, dazu präsentiert als Live Performance. Das können sich weder die Freunde des experimentellen Films noch die Anhänger des Dark Underground entgehen lassen. Sally lebt in Australien und kommt für diese Show als Teil ihrer Europe Tournee nach Berlin. Zusammen mit Joel Stern organisiert sie das Off-Festival "Otherfilm Festival" in Brisbane, Australien..

Sally Golding Hysteria

Not Still Life
A Technicolor nightmare: Live explorations into the sordid past of colour processes...Untangling the "three colour separation process" in which three records of the same image are shot and projected back through RGB filters to make your eyeballs tingle. Rotating colour wheels are employed in attempts at a hybrid "Friese-Green" system (can you glimpse "realistic" colour?). Candied visions and projector performance make for a gothic live Victoriana experience.
Face of an Other
Obsessions with the horror genre manifest themselves onto the filmmaker¹s own body in a bizarre attempt to meld the real and the hyper real. A live performance in which humanity has forgotten itself, or did Hollywood just get carried away?
(Bloodless: Now and Then)
Bloodless Landscape / Johnny¹s Ghost

Originally a pile of discarded film leader, photographic images begin to flicker as interjections within the apparently empty screen space. Fleeting moments of landscape imagery appear distorted by time and light.
An unsettling, gothic "European" narrative disrupts the desolate, desiccated Australian landscape. An Abject Leader mutable expanded cinema piece, these trees and chemicals have endured a long projector performance battle with lenses and prisms many times.

Im Anschluss Live Musik aus Mexico

Beginn 21h, Einlass ab 20h


Wir freuen uns auf Euch in der Scala, Friedrich Str. 112 A, 1. Stock




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