> Installations and video loops

we will show a daily changing selection of works by the following artists
Wir zeigen im täglichen Wechsel u.a. Arbeiten von

Benoit Dhemnin FR Thomas 7 min, 1-channel, 2004

Sandra Becker D Moonlight 1-channel

Chistopher Becks US Panorama Pan 1-channel

Daniela Butsch D Hommage An Mark Rothko 25 min, 1-channel, 2005,

Gair Dunlop and Dan Norton US Cumbernauld: Town For Tomorrow interactive SF-Flash

Patrick Fontana FR Grenze 56 minutes, 1-channel, sound, 2004

Andreas Gogol D Hagia Sofia 4 min, 1-channel, 2001

Stefano Giuriati D/I Ceremonia I 1-channel, 2004

Virginie Laganière CA Transit 2 min 2 s, DV, 2004

Dominik Lange FR Réminiscenes D´ancien Monde 25 minutes, 1-channel, 2000/2004

Jeanne Madic FR Take your time&look at me... 3 min 29 s, 1-channel, S8, 2003

Heiko Mehnert D City Lights

Daniel Mijic D Killing Me Softly, Nice To Meet You and Make Off all 1-channel

Susanne Neumann D Dreaming Within A Dream 2-channel, 2005

Lorenzo Oggiano I Quasi-Objects / Cinematic n.04 3 min 43 s , 1-channel, 2005

Tanja Puustelli FI Milking The Cow 3 min, 1-channel, 2003

Udo Rathke D Nach Lorrain 8 min, 1-channel

Lisa Röper D Portrait 10 min, 1-channel

Wolfgang Spahn D Pistolen 3-channel, 2005

Beate Spitzmüller D Zehn Vor Drei Zurück 2-channel, 2003

Desperate Optimists/Spell#7 Ben Slater AT Wirecrossing — 24 hours Singapoure interactivE

Yonathan Vinitzky FR I Must Not Put Strangeness Where There Is Nothing 25 min, 2005

André Werner D from Diving-series 1-channel, 2005

Silke Witzsch D In The Name Of 11 min 25 s, 1-channel, 2004

Xiang We Xing CN Modern Enlightenment 3 min, 1-channel

Chi-Jang Yin US ICON 5 min, 1-channel , 2005

...... and others



> Directors Lounge 2006 at a glance facts and highlights

> the complete Directors Lounge 2006 program all screenings

> location
Karl-Marx-Allee 137, 10243 Berlin
next to the north-tower of Frankfurter Tor
Metro Frankfurter Tor U5 Tram M10

> opening hours from 6pm open end
screenings start 6.30 pm, 8.30 pm, 10 pm and 12 pm

> No admission fee


> Please note: Directors Lounge is not in any way associated with The Berlin International Film Festival.
Directors Lounge is the brainchild of Designhof e.V., A&O-gallery, and the Kunstfoerderverein Treptow e.V. with outstanding support from fragments, placebo FX, Berliner Licht & Silber, Cinema Desaster and many other friends.






> Directors Lounge 2006 is made possible in part by Cafe Dix in der Berlinischen Galerie cine plus

> Special screenings in collaboration with AV-ARRKI microcinema mochafilm club NoMasala

our herores: placebo FX, Fragments, Berliner Licht & Silber, Cinema Desaster, SIEBENGRUENDE, Joppel-Bürkle IT,, Kunstsalon Wilde Gans

>Directors Lounge 2006
is the brainchild of Designhof e.V., A&O-gallery and the Kunstfoerderverein Treptow e.V