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in-between | city | space
Statements from Gropiusstadt Thursday, 25 September, Scala

a film by Klaus W, Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler
presented as a 3-channel video projection.

afterwards: live musik by "HERR BLUM", solo electronic, Bar and Cocktails

Statements aus der Gropiusstadt


e proudly present in-between | city | space a film by Klaus W. Eisenlohr and Johann Zeitler on public space issues - a visual exploration of Gropiusstadt entangled with statements by inhabitants of Gropiusstadt - presented as a 3-channel video projection. In March this year in-between | city | space was premiered in Gropiusstadt. The 2-day event was quite a success and was well received by press and audience. Now, it will be presented to a larger audience in the heart of the city of Berlin

Premiere in der Gropiusstadt
Premiere in Gropiusstadt

See you at the Scala, Friedrich Str. 112 A, 1st floor



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