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Directors Lounge 2008, Berlin, february 7-17

• Chinese IndependentSpecial screenings curated by Marina Foxley


• Since 2006, we emphasize the role of independent artistic work in Chinese cinema. We closely work with Fragments (Nantes) and Fanhall Studio (Beijing). Fragments has set itself the task of supporting and promoting independent Chinese productions. Actively engaged in the spreading and the screening of these productions, we participate in artistic and cultural events and collaborate with different organizations and festivals. Fragments has a vocation to work within the framework of the development of the European and international film industry.


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Directors Lounge at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes

Directors Lounge at Le Lieu Unique, Nantes

China Doc • Directors Lounge 2007in coperation with Fanhall Studios, Beijing

Curated by Marina Foxley and Zhu Rikun, founder of Fanhall Studios.
This special focus comprises of several long features and short videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner. Directors talk part 01 "Fanhall Studio spreading the spirit of independence in Chinese cinema" offers an introduction into the role of Fanhall for a new critical cinema in China.

more in the program and the magazine

a summer evening with Marina FoxleyIn association with Zhu Rikun

July 27th 2006 at Rote Loge
In attendance of Marina Foxley

This night consist of two seperated screenings, reflecting her role as a curator for chinese cinema as well as her work as a director and performer. more

Yunnan Arts University, class Xiang Weixing • Directors Lounge 2006

curated by Daniela Butsch


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