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marcon museum of arts and concepts Paderborn


Marcon is a project to promote a museum of arts and concepts in Paderborn. Paderborn has, other than it´s neighboring towns, no public venue dedicated to contemporary art. Marcon´s way to promote the founding of such an institution is as simple as it is charming. By using temporarily avaiable space in the city for exhibitions and declaring it a museum of arts and concepts, they make the idea of such a space visible and hopefully trigger the realisation of an house for contemporary arts and concepts that, as they say, could be in the tradition of Kunstwerke Berlin, the Art house Dresden or the Marta, Herford. The first manifestation of Marcon takes place at the Amalthea Theater, right in the center of town. We participate in this exhibition, entitled Hardcore, with a selection of videos, screened at Directors Lounge, among them highlights like Masha Godovannayas´ stunning untitled #1, the most beautiful police video in the world, Solo for Ramallah by Andreas Rost and the touching 200.000 phantoms by Jean-Gabriel Périot. A special focus is on the films by Usama Alshaibi who will be presented with four completely different shorts. The videos of team member André Werner will be presented in a special screening of assorted videos, covering 15 years from early shorts like Eine Geisha wird gefilmt till his latest release Flash that world premiered on this years February Lounge.

self contained

SELF-CONTAINED 16mm film ; color; 2:15 min (2004)
by Usama Alshaibi, starring Kristie Alshaibi

marcon museum of arts and concepts Paderborn

at Amalthea Theater, Jühenplatz
during Libori Paderborn, 25.7.2008-1.8.2008
opening 25th of July 7pm, no admission fee
openig hours daily 6pm - 10 pm














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