Directors Longe Berlin 2005    
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Directors Lounge
is deeply grateful for the outstanding support by
Alexander Behrendt
Simona Bordone
Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Marina Foxley
Steven Foxley
djane ilka

Sandra Lischi
Lívia Páldi
Ania Rudolph
Longest F. Stein
Elke Thiele
Achim Zechner
Holger Zimmer
Thomas, Joppel,
Barbara, Katrin,
Ralph, Lothar,
Helmut and all helping hands from Team el Cultrún
Joe Armstrong & John Lee Who
Amour Fou, Vienna
Gallery Display, Prague

and all participating artists

Without you it wouldn't have been possible.

  impressions from the Directors Lounge    

The Directors Lounge was highly and unexpectedly successful. The opening party was full house till dawn and truly deserves to be called party. We had an average of 30-40 people through all nights, which is an impressive number for such an experimental and unconventional program. Coverage included reviews in newspapers and a transmission on the radio in Germany and Austria. People loved coming here, the calm and personal athmosphere, an opportunity to get away from the hyperactive frenzy during the Berlinale and to just step in, to stay as you like, to meet and talk. You actually could meet a bunch of directors every night thus making the name Directors Lounge more than just a fancy label. From the second night on, we had more and more visitors, the news was spread mouth to mouth (beside the large amount of flyers).

The whole experience shows, that it is still worth trying new things in Berlin's saturated media world. The Directors Lounge just hit the trigger for people with their needs. The small, no-budget and unpretentious venue was received in ways it wanted to be: nice, not hyper. The Directors Lounge complemented the Berlinale program in several ways: first with its emphasis on both local artists and politics and international connections, second with an emphasis on artists (painters and artists from divers fields such as sculptors, performing artists and photographers) working with video, and third with the choice of curators who are artists themselves.

The last evening we had live music from Joe Armstrong and John Lee Who who completed the program in the most perfect way. Directors Lounge was a meeting point for artists, a place to exchange.We now have to sort all the ideas, suggestions, invitations etc.but one thing is for sure

Directors Lounge will be continued
stay tuned