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beflowered | starts 24th April |Schwerin

Dagie Brundert


"beflowered", a net-based project by André Werner and Daniel Schubert allows anyone to plant virtual flowers in Schwerin or any other part of the world. "beflowered" is part of the Digital Gardens exhibition at The Staatliche Museum Schwerin alongside the 2009 German Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) The Digital Gardens exhibit works by many international artists, among them Pipilotti Rist, Fischli & Weiss, Hans Haacke and AK Dolven, just to name a few. "beflowered" will also be on display at the third tease art fair, Cologne.

Staatliches Museum Schwerin


beflowerde 2

beflowered 3

beflowered is in part based on the Google Maps API © Google

visuals © André Werner

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