The cinematic moment

Challenging the separation of film and art. An exhibition at Tor218 Artlab during the Berlin Art Week 2021.

The cinematic moment

Throughout the Berlin Art Week the Tor218 Artlab gallery was our base.  A true Lounge space and the perfect meeting point for any art and/or cocktail lover.

The art works are blurring the lines between cinema and visual while sharing the titular „cinematic moment“.

Joachim Seinfeld, Golem

Julia Murakami, Envy and Kate beheading Holofernes

Roger Ballen, Roger the Rat

Carola Göllner, Händer II

Steve Morell. Dream on

Erdal Inci, selected video loops

Klaus W. Eisenlohr, untitled

Rosetta Messori, mirroring myself

André Werner, ... Follows You #1

Branislav Jankic, Portrait of the Deity

Nina Hartmann, untitled

Throughout the Berlin Art Week the Tor218 Artlab became a place to be.

Julia Murakami

Michael J. Rowland and Nina Hartmann

Sean Derrick  Cooper-Marquardt

Steve Morell and Nina Hartmann

Carola Göllner and Miron Zownir

Nadya Cazan, André Werner and Julia Murakami

15. - 19.  9.  2021 | Berlin Art Week Photos: Robert Carrithers, Klaus W. Eisenlohr, Nadya Cazan

the cinematic moment  at Tor218 Artlab