the Berlin Art Week Party

Schokoladen Friday 17. Sept 21

We’ve been honoured with the prestigious Award for Artistic Project Spaces and Initiatives 2021. Reason enough to party!

the Berlin Art Week Party

the doors opened at 6pm

photo Robert Carrithers

Soon, the Schokoladen was jam-packed.

photo Klaus W. Eisenlohr

The opening act, special guest Emmo, captured the audience with her voice and acoustic guitar.

Followed by Sheef, delicious old school punk, born at the Schokoladen.

The Bonnhoh Duo, Ose, singer, melodica-player, and Mano, performer and tap-dancer, performed  Visual / T for P.

Every now and then, members of team DL were up to mischief on stage.

On the silver screen, some tidbits from the past, including Nezaket Ekici's Hullabelly, the first film ever screened at Directors Lounge.

Les rites des images, screened in pre-premiere in attendance of  Nadya Cazan.

Director: André Werner

Seances by Guy Maddin  This film is lost.

Only the audience had the chance to see this film before it disappeared. By special arrangement with the National Film Board of Canada.

Roger the Rat by Roger Ballen in German premiere.

The premiere of Roger the Rat was complemented by some of Roger Ballen's photographs in our exhibition "the cinematic moment".

From then on it was called dance all night!

Videos: Isabelle Meyrignac Schokoladen Berlin, 17.9.2021