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Directors Lounge 2008, Berlin, february 7-17

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• We have our roots in the video/media art world and emphasize works that use the moving image in the context of traditional genres like sculpture orpainting. It is this, yet widely unknown, Inbetween between the classical fine art, the new media art and the cinematic world that we explore. We present installations in private rooms and interactive works in the urban space.
We conceive art projects that act as an intervention into the public space. Projects that question the handling of the past, the construction of historiography, the attribution of identity, social and ethnic codes and their reflection in society right there where such a basic discussion should start: in the public. Public space is not a fixed space, it is everywhere, constantly in change, consequently we will be also be in motion, using different spaces for different works and different questions.If possible do we work site specific, both on an artistic as on a concepual level.
Beside our own projects are accompanying presentations for exhibitions, festivals and art fairs.


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2.-4. November
2007 with TXTual Healing, an interactive cellphone based installation by Paul Notzold., at the opening night. impressions


memory in motion
memories in motion art in the public space, Munich, September 2007


Am Rande.. / On the edge.. video installations and special screenings
Pyramide Berlin, June 1-29 opening June 1, 8pm more

Installations • Directors Lounge 2007one channel works and video loops

About a dozen international video artists in the exhibition area of DL 07.

more here in the program and the magazine



Figures Of MotionKunst in Bewegung
Video Installations and screenings at Castle Plueschow april 28th - may 1st more

inbetweenstereotypical readability
Galerie der Künstler Maximilianstr. 42, Munich; april 13th more
assorted videos on Directors Lounge television more


Installations • Directors Lounge 2006 • february 9-19 • Berlin

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