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• Fotografi Senza Frontiere II ca 7min, DV

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I was sitting in a basement in Rome about a month ago, waiting for some prints when quite unexpectedly Giorgio Palmera walked in and said hello. Well, a world came to light. – At Simona and Marco Buginovi’s studio, Fotogramma 24, – (something like a melting pot of those who –literally write with light; From Ancient Greek φωτός (photos, "light"), plus γράφειν (graphein, "write"). Literaly written with light) Outstanding luminaries, also bring their images captured from around the world, to be either digitally or masterfully printed in these dark rooms:
To depict a story which needs to be told through its own body of captured light –Giorgio generously gives me a book « Fotografi Senza Frontiere » and thus a new world of information and inspiration is unveiled.
Here is a video that portrays enduring dedication and a masterful outcome – I trust all viewers of Directors Lounge will appreciate this endeavour and be as inspired as I am about a handful of children who through the opportunity given to them, have not only learned to write with light in a single snap, but instead through the vision of a few – the founding members of Fotografi Senza Frontiere, have now learned a skill. For some like Saul who can now teach this and feel fulfilled in this ever changing world of many contradictions. Who knows, thanks to which image, snapped by whom, there may be a tangible possibility of walking out of those Dantesque rubbish dumps of hell in Nicaragua. I invite you to see for yourselves a space not only of creativity but of awareness, where youngsters are trained to analyze their surrounding reality with an expressive and informative means and to exercise a profession for their future.
I would like to thank Fotografi Senza Frontiere for persevering in their vision and endeavouring, in a tangible way, to make this world a better place.




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