Directors Longe Berlin 2005    
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Directors Lounge
is deeply grateful for the outstanding support by
Alexander Behrendt
Simona Bordone
Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Marina Foxley
Steven Foxley
djane ilka
Sandra Lischi
Lívia Páldi
Ania Rudolph
Ilka Schaumberg
Longest F. Stein
Elke Thiele
Achim Zechner
Holger Zimmer
Thomas, Joppel,
Barbara, Katrin,
Ralph, Lothar,
Helmut and all helping hands from Team el Cultrún
Joe Armstrong & John Lee Who
Amour Fou, Vienna
Gallery Display, Prague

and all participating artists

Without you it wouldn't have been possible.





  the complete program here
our herores: Fragments, El Cultrún e.V, A&O, placebo FX, Berliner Licht & Silber, Cinema Desaster Kunstförderverein Treptow e.V. , Joppel-Bürkle IT, Designhof e.V., Elke Thiele