Sat 18 | 6:45pm

pictured: Bandit Bull by Eduardo Srur

Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Cesy  Leonard  DE  Schuld. Die Barbarei Europas  16 min 00  2011

Eduardo  Srur  BR  Bandit Bull  3 min 22  2010

Russell J.  Chartier  US  Confined  3 min 34  

Daniel  Künzler  AT  Inside Pockets Of The City  13 min 17  2011

Diane  Nerwen  US  Up On The Farm  16 min  2011

Vladimir  Turner  CZ  Dum Z Karet  2 min 36  

pictured: The Scalable City by Sheldon Brown

Sheldon  Brown  US  The Scalable City   4 min 04  2007

Matt  Grau  DE  Lachen in der U-Bahn  2 min 59  2011

Eduardo  Srur  BR  Attack  3 min 34  2004

Brandstifter  DE  Ein kleines Stück Papier  10 min 00  2008

With special guests: Frank Behnke, Klaus Beyer, Brandstifter, Tanja Roolfs, Carsten Wagner (Ein kleines Stück Papier)

77 min


Brandstifter DE Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011
Exhibition with lost and found sheets of paper

The installation “Asphaltbibliotheque Berlin 2011” at Directors Lounge works together with the screening of Brandstifter’s documentation of his long term concept “Ein kleines Stück Papier” for Urban Art Research, displaying the gathered remains from Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Lichtenberg, Mitte and Neukölln from the “lost&found art research tour Hannover-Berlin” Easter 2011 as a brief sample of his huge collection that he archives from public space since 1998.

The Poetry of Papers “The Asphaltbibliotheque shows how poetic and many-layered artistic reordering can make an idea that is simple in itself. Brandstifter understands how to charge the profane with the poetic, and in so doing to provide playfully anarchic inspiration to conceive the everyday world as a freely formable work of art.” (Martin Büsser, art critic, author, publisher, Testcard/Ventil Verlag)

Asphaltbibliotheque Brandstifter

Find more infos about the Urban Research Program and the films at richfilm

Sat 18 | 8:00pm

pictured: Primordial Breath by Rosetta Messori

Rosetta Messori  IT Primordial Breath 5 min 18s 2011 | World Premiere in attendance

with music taken from the album: “Draw a line Egyptian contemporary music” by  Khaled Shokry

Primordial Breath is a visual journey based on 18 photographs from her book  Visioni Mediterranee  (Skira 2010). In a continuous state of flux, photographer and filmmaker Rosetta Messori captures the essence of a movement to tell an imaginary story.

Sat 18 | 8:30pm

Telemach Wiesinger presents his new films

As filmmaker his experimental films are shown on numerous festivals and solo programs: International Film Festival Rotterdam, European Media Art Festival, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Black Maria Festival, Festival de Cine Experimental Quito, Tampere Film Festival Finland, Filmfestival Seoul Korea, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Media City Windsor, Festival de film court de Brest, Internationales Kurz Film Fest Hamburg, INVIDEO Milan, Spanische Botschaft Tokio, Lausanne Underground Film Festival, VideoEx Zürich, Wisconsin Film Festival, Image Festival Toronto, Directors Lounge Berlin, TIE The International of Experimental Exhibition Denver, Cortometraje San Roque, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Artist’ Television Access San Francisco, Noordelijk Film Festival, Media Art Festival Friesland, Stuttgarter Filmwinter and many others.
With Andreas Gogol he received the TEAM-WORK-AWARD 2007 for the film and music performance “LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES” at the Festival for Expanded Media Stuttgart.
Telemach Wiesinger, born 1968 in Bielefeld/Germany. Studied Visual Communication at HbK Kassel/Germany, Diplom 1994. (Master of Arts)

As photographer he is working for many art books and Solo-exhibitions: Contemporary Art Center Athens, Centre d’Art contemporain Nîmes, Kunstpalast Lemberg, Takashimaya Matsuyama, Smokebrush Gallery Colorado Springs, Museum für Moderne Kunst Rupertinum Salzburg or Eté Photographique de Lectoure.
Visiting Lecturer at University of Wisconsin, Akademie für Kommunikation Freiburg, ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris, Institut of Art & Design Milwaukee, Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg, Akademie Schloss Rotenfels, Escuela de Arte Granada, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel, University of Illinois at Chicago and others.

Sat 18 | 10pm

pictured: Square Dance Hypnotist by Allan Brown


Christina McPhee US Penumbra Blind 4 min 56s 2012 | German Premiere

Barbara Friedman and Gilivanka Kedzior  FR  [ THE SECRET ]  3 min 18s 2011 | World Premiere

Allan Brown CA  Square Dance Hypnotist 17 min 10s 2011 | German Premiere

Santiago Parres (EZO) ES  Dove  2 min 40s  2011 | World Premiere in attendance

Ron Toole US  Where Once Was When  11 min 32s  2011 | World Premiere

Maria Niro and Richard Broomhall US/GB  Bird from the series Words 1 min 59  2011 | German Premiere

Derviches Associés  FR  Lenine 3 Coers  7 min  2011 | European Premiere

pictured: Dove by EZO

Peter Freund  US  CAMP  7 min 15s  2010

Santiago Parres (EZO)  ES Sinecdoquanon  7 min 29s  2011 |  World Premiere in attendance

Johanna Wagner  SE  Submerged 7 min 30s  2011  in attendance

Johanna Wagner  SE  Danaus Gilippus  10 min  2011  in attendance

73 min